hey, y'all! thanks for stopping by! i'm megan b. :)

i'm a southern gal who loves books, coffee (in an IV, pls), and silly cat pictures on the internet. i'm also madly in love with this guy i get to call my husband, and together we have two darling daughters, two dogs, and two cats (apparently i like things in pairs). that's my little Emma Bug to the left. pictures of the new addition soon-to-come! ;)

i developed a love for photography at a young age, and kept the interest as i grew up. i taught myself many things; i met some cool people who taught me many more things; and i'm constantly trying to learn even more about photography. 

i love people, and i love telling stories, whether it be with a pen or a picture. i love getting to know people and finding out all about them. people enrich my life, and i seek to enrich theirs by showcasing their lives, their love, and their stories. 

i specialize in bridal portaiture, wedding photography, senior photography, and children & families. so if you're looking for a friendly photographer who is in the biz of getting to know you, then drop me a line! can't wait to hear from you!